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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 28, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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the address at a community-based organization in the bayview. in his address he proposed and proposed $50 million for public schools and an annual million for preschool. he pushed the need for transportation for improving the current system to today's technology. the mayor announced he would convene a san francisco transportation 2030 task force calling city and transportation leaders to set down top priorities. he wants to replace the housing authority with a new model and hopes to bring more affordable housing and options to the city. in closing the mayor has said there's a lot of progress during his term but still room to grow. >> if we work together, if we put the people ahead of politics, committing them to unleashing extraordinary talents then i don't have a single doubt that san francisco will be forever strong for us
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and for our future and for future generations. thank you and go 9ers! >> of course, yes, he had to throw in that for our super bowl hopefuls. in addition to that, he talked about other success with our sports teams. the giants' big win, also the warriors moving to the city over the next five years. no comment on also how the 49ers will be moving to santa clara. but we want to make note that the mayor also touched upon jobs and his plan for improving that growth in our city for infrastructure as well as promoting small business. the mayor's administration wanted to make note that currently unemployment in our city is at 6.5%. back to you, frank. >> no word on a possible bet with the baltimore mayor? >> reporter: no, not yet. no word on that yet. no word on a parade. again, i guess they are going to try to focus on like he mentioned before keeping things safe in the city first. but don't worry, we'll keep an eye on it and let everyone know when that parade or bet is planned. >> he has to do the bet before the parade and then win the
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game. cate caugiran live in san francisco, thank you. having the niners in the big game is likely to provide a boost to san francisco in terms of psychology and economics. when a team is contending for a championship, a city's confidence in itself goes up naturally and one estimate says being a super bowl contender can add $10 to residents' annual -- $120 to residents's annual income. >> it's absolutely good for the economy. there is a relationship between mood and spending and when people do feel good, they spend more. >> reporter: and they feel good right now? >> very good, very excited right now. >> a 9er win would bring positive attention to the city on the national stage plus bragging rights for a long time afterwards. but we need a winner. new developments in the deadly nightclub fire in brazil. three people are now in custody for questioning including one of the club's owners. more than 230 people died and hundreds were hurt in yesterday's early-morning fire
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in the southern city of santa maria. about 2,000 people were inside the nightclub at the time. double its maximum capacity. now, the club had only one working exit for all those people. security guards initially blocked the door thinking party- goers were trying to leave without paying. investigators are questioning the owner and members of the band on stage when the fire started. the band's pyrotechnics show may have sparked the blaze. fire investigators are also looking into a fire at a comedy club in fairfield. the five-alarm fire caused the roof to class at pepper belly's friday night: flames shot up 40 to 50 feet in the air. everyone inside got out safely. and the fire in brazil was the deadliest nightclub fire in the world since 2000. and that combined with the fairfield incident is prompting local questions about fire safety. cbs 5 reporter elissa
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harrington has a look at the safeguards in san francisco. >> it's a terrible tragedy. and i always think that this is something that could be prevented. >> reporter: what could have prevented this fire in brazil that killed 200 people? reports have emerged that the nightclub was overcrowded. there was just one exit. and when a band member set off a faulty pyrotechnic the crowd had only moments to escape. they all went for the same door causing a bottleneck and stampede. back here in san francisco, firefighters say this serves as a reminder as to why they are so strict on fire codes. the san francisco fire department does routine inspections for exits, paths and specific rules for pyrotechnics. >> we need them to submit a package detailing exactly who is doing it to see if they're qualified, where they're doing it and what are they doing. >> reporter: there's also an on- site inspection and if approved there will be a fire official on site at all times during the event. anytime you go into a crowded
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place, you take a risk. firefighters say you need to protect yourself. >> the first thing that i would look for if i was going in would be where would be a secondary entrance or exit? >> reporter: there should be at least two sometimes more. in every club, bar and restaurant here in san francisco, there look a sign on the wall that lets you know the capacity. firefighters say if it seems too crowded, the best thing you can do is leave. in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. three young people were killed and a fourth badly hurt when their car slammed through a highway guardrail in foster city. last night it happened on eastbound 92 around 9 p.m. the crash killed a 12-year-old boy, his 16-year-old brother and the 21-year-old driver. the 18-year-old brother of the two younger victims is in critical condition with major injuries. chp is trying to determine why that driver may have lost control. and the chp also wants to know who is responsible for this dangerous spun on 880 in oakland. the video appeared online over the weekend showing drivers
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doing doughnuts on the middle of the freeway in the middle of the day. the so-called sideshow stopped traffic near the coliseum. investigators are trying to track down the drivers. a new blueprint for overhauling the nation's immigration laws could be on the president's desk this year. as cbs reporter danielle nottingham tells us, the plan has elements that each party wants. >> reporter: eight senators four republicans and four democrats have come up with an immigration compromise. the five-page document will be unveiled today. >> americans support it in poll after poll. secondly, latino voters expect it. third, the democrats want it and fourth the republicans need it. >> reporter: tougher border enforcement for republicans and for democrats a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the united states. it would require those who have no serious criminal background
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to register with the government, pay a fine and back taxes. congress has not attempted to overhaul the nation's immigration laws since 2007. republicans rejected a bill that george w. bush supported because it was amnesty. senator john mccain is behind the latest plan. he says the gop should help it become law in order to win over hispanic voters. >> look at the last election. we are losing dramatically the hispanic vote which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons. and we have to understand that. >> reporter: tomorrow, president obama is traveling to las vegas to lay out his vision for immigration reform. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. so, do you have super bowl fever just yet? still ahead, california senators start making bets. what's at stake besides the lombardi trophy. we're in the big easy ahead of
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the big game. do you know the proper way to say new orleans? the locals will let us know next. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. starting out a little chilly this morning, lots of sunshine now. will that continue over the next few days? or do we have some rain on the way? we'll talk about that coming up.
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on the grid-iron.. advertisers will be battling it out during the super bowl commerical breaks.. a thirty-second spot during a doritos! the 9ers and ravens go at it on the gridiron and advertisers are battling it out on the
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commercials. 30-second ad costs $4 million just for air time. one commercial from volkswagen said to cost more than $10 million to produce, air and promote online. it will take a big check to buy out hostess. little debbie just might do it. a published record says the owner of the little debbie snack cakes will pay as much as $30 million to buy the drakes brand that includes devil dogs and yodels. hostess is expected to formally announce bidders later in the week. californians will skip out on a new credit card law in effect today. most stores across the country can now charge its customers a 4% checkout fee to cover the cost of credit card processing. but such a fee is illegal here in our state and in nine others. irs will begin accepting 2012 tax returns on wednesday. 8 days later than originally planned. that's due to congress' changes made by congress to the tax law to avoid the "fiscal cliff."
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the federal reserve kicks off a two-day meeting tomorrow. at the last meeting they promised to keep interest rates near record lows until the unemployment rate fell behind 6.5%. last month the unemployment rate was 7.8%. some work to be done. take a look at the big board now at wall street. it's been quite a month and right now we are in the green by just a little over 3 points. but still an up day. new orleans isn't just hosting the super bowl this weekend. mardi gras is also under way. it is crowded there. carnaval got rolling last friday. the parties and parades continued day and night until mardi gras day which this year by the way is february 12. michelle is spending this week learning everything about the crescent city collecting beads too. she started off at the beginning finding out the correct way to just say new orleans. >> how do you say the name? >> new orleans.
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>> new orleans. >> new orleans. >> new orleans. >> not naw-lins. >> nouvelle orleans. >> that's the french way. >> how would a local say it? >> we're from new orleans, darling. new orleans. what else you want to know? >> new or-lins. not new or-leans. >> how do you say the city's name probably? >> new orleans. you don't say new or-leans. you say new orleans. >> we're from new orleans, darling! got you covered on everything big easy this week. michelle will have live reports starting at 4:30 a.m. this week until 7 a.m. taking in all the sights, sounds, the food and all the fun. she may sneak in a little sleep, too. keep it right here on cbs 5. you don't want to miss a minute of it. you can see the cast of characters we have there. our sports team mike sugerman is driving out that way too. barbara boxer and dianne
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feinstein have made a friendly wager with their cohorts in congress in maryland. if the 9ers win, maryland senators mikulski and carden will serve up crab cakes, cookies and beer from baltimore. if the ravens win, boxer and feinstein will send crab, wine, cheese and sourdough bread across the country. boxer and feinstein said they are confident the 9ers will, quote, strike gold and the ravens will flutter away there defeat. even animals are weighing in about super bowl predictions. say hi to sibu here, a mom at a zoo. over the weekend zookeepers gave her a box with blankets representing the 9ers and ravens. it chose the 49ers. there is a cavea, right only 50% of the time with previous predictions. >> that's kind of like the weather. >> kind of hit or miss. >> i would like to think i have a better percentage. >> you have been doing well
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this last weekend. it was amazing. >> i think we're doing okay. the next couple of days we have a lot of sunshine coming our way, spring-like temperatures also heading for the bay area. mostly sunny skies. working on a nice afternoon. just a bit breezy as you approach the coastline. still, looks like mostly sunny skies continuing then mostly clear tonight and again it's still going to be a bit chilly but some milder days ahead. high pressure is going to build in and any threat of stormy weather headed far east ward. this is what we're looking at now, 58 in oakland, 51 san jose, and 54 in san francisco. big ridge of high pressure now building in sending these areas of low pressure and clouds with it further east. so as that ridge builds we are looking at seasonal temperatures today and then some warmer temperatures toward the middle of the week probably some mid-60s even upper 60s in some of the warmest spots. so some great weather as we sail into the afternoon, breezy at the coast, maybe an
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occasional cloud passing by but i think a nice afternoon. then tonight, still going to be cold in some of the valleys. overnight lows inland still going to be dropping off into the 30s. so headed out this afternoon, you might want to grab a jacket. a little brisk in spots. 57 san jose, 55 breezy in the pacifica, 57 in hayward. east bay temperatures warming up to the 50s, almost 60 degrees in pleasanton. 60 napa, 58 vallejo. inside the bay the breeze will be stronger. 59 degrees in alameda, 57 57 sausalito, 59 santa rosa. 30s and 40s inside the bay overnight. by day looking good, toward the middle of the week the sweet spot, wednesday and thursday lots of sunshine, temperatures well into the 60s in many spots. this next weekend, super weekend, clouds begin to roll back in. temperatures falling off. but all in all looks like the next five to seven days at least the next five looking
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very nice. >> mid-60s late janua , early february? looking good. what's better for killing germs? your bar of soap or antibacterial cleanser? we'll fill you in coming up. and where you can get your slice of colin kaepernick cake. we'll show it to you. we'll be right back.
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anti-bacterial cleansers. researchers at john's hopkins iversity say the c in today's healthwatch a vote of confidence for antibacterial cleansers. researchers at johns hopkins university say the cleansers are much better than soap for protecting critically ill children. they found antiseptic baths reduced bloodstream infections by 3 of% compared to soap and water. such infections can lead to organ damage or death. tony tantillo is always helping us eat healthy. he and his daughter stephanie show us an easy one pot dish today. >> today stephanie decided to make me a wonderful corn chowder which is simple to make, not a lot of ingredients. >> we started sauteing some vegetables using corn, carrots, celery, red papers and bacon, smoke bacon. you just microwave potatoes and you put it in there with skim milk and let it zimmer down and that's how you get that rich broth. >> the skim milk all comes together and that's what it
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looks like when it's ready to go rich and creamy. if you can't find fresh corn there is some imported and you can use canned for something like this? >> it's the middle of winter so canned is probably the best option. >> frozen is even better. let's plate that. perfect. we are going to top it off to make it warmer with some wonderful cheddar cheese. that beautiful chowder. sweetheart, that looks great. >> thanks. >> i'm going to start making cloud now. thank you, bella. hi five. >> looks good. you can find recipes for today's chowder and other recipes online at we'll be right back. stay right there.
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showing that could be the case for women with breast cancer. that story and well, you've heard the saying less is more. some new research showing could be the case for women with breast cancer. that study and much more coming up today at 5:00. 49er fans sharing the pride and pictures with us. this is norah sporting her 9ers bandana eight months old. she has been a 9er fan from birth. and check out the 9er gear with the head held high right there. both are rescue dogs looking for homes. you can contact furry friends rescue if you want the 9er pets in your home. if you are a raider fan, it's okay, too. they would love to get a home. keep your fan photos coming to or upload them to our website,
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we have you covered everything super bowl. all we lock michelle griego is working out there now to our sports team. then dennis o'donnell and vern glenn and mike sugerman driving out there i believe it or not in new mexico today. he will be filing reports all week and we'll have live reports up to the super bowl hopefully big victory as well so keep it right here on cbs 5. finally today, some 49er fans curl their biceps like him. others rap about him. now you can take a bite out of kaepernick's famous tattooed arm. look at that. village bakery in modesto is baking cakes that look just like his golden arm. >> that doesn't look real. >> really? i think it does. >> i mean, no. i mean, it's just amazing. it doesn't look like a cake. >> no. it's beautiful. it comes in chocolate, white or marble. the price tag is real. 170 bucks. think of all the work that goes in there. the big question, what will
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they bake if the 49ers win? >> kiss it and eat it too. there you go. >> we'll leave you with that thought, folks. it's a beautiful day. we'll see you tomorrow morning. take care. captions by: caption colorado [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price
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>> katie: thank you for coming. >> brooke: of course. i'm glad you called. i was worried. >> katie: [ sighs ] you went through all that trouble and i stormed off. >> brooke: i understand.
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>> katie: i thought bill and i were on the same page about his drinking, but apparently we weren't. i was upset, and he was upset, but bill told me that you were there for him and that you talked to him, and i'm guessing you said something that calmed him down and made him come home. i just wanted to thank you for always being there for us. [ birds chirping ]


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